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Delivering Public Sector Efficiencies through a Framework Approach

Passionate about compliance, choice and achieving cost efficiencies? We already have something in common...

Welcome to Fusion21’s dedicated knowledge area in partnership with CIPS– sharing our procurement expertise on the topic: ‘Delivering Public Sector Efficiencies through a Framework Approach.’

As a national procurement organisation and social enterprise specialising in property, construction and the built environment, we’re here to help support your organisation to make a real impact in the public sector.

In this area you will gain access to a variety of articles, tips, guidance and resources which will help you to tackle the barriers and challenges frequently faced within public procurement. We will also be sharing advice about how you can manage risk and prepare for issues that appear on the procurement horizon.





Best Practice

Best Practice

PESTLE Analysis – Managing Challenges in Public Procurement

Undertaking a PESTLE analysis will identify external market factors that can influence your procurement activity, in addition to helping understand how these external forces affect your organisation. Using intelligence gathered from this analysis will help to inform your procurement strategy and support effective risk management.

Take a look at our PESTLE analysis which guides you through how to manage the current challenges facing public procurement.

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Barriers to Best Practice Procurement – How Can These Be Overcome?

Did you know the UK’s public sector procurement spend is more than £240 billion each year?! This undoubtedly creates opportunities to deliver efficiencies and innovation – in addition to generating a positive impact on the economy and local communities by making the most of this buying power. However, barriers exist within public procurement that can prevent best practice taking place. Having identified some of these issues, this article advises how you how to overcome the hurdles in your way to deliver the best procurement outcomes and solutions for your business.

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Developing the commercial capability of your procurement team

Our infographic outlines the core ways in which you can develop the commercial capability of your procurement team – from investing in team development to building a strong leadership culture and creating cross category support. Print and use this resource to help you develop the versatility and expertise of your team, whilst increasing engagement organisation-wide. 

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Why Investment in Soft Skills Can Significantly Increase Procurement Outcomes 

There are many avenues that can be explored to improve business performance and investing in soft skills is up there amongst the most valuable. Spending time developing and fine-tuning relationship management, negotiation and communication skills – in addition to improving our emotional intelligence – not only enhances personal development but will help to achieve increased procurement efficiencies and added social value outcomes. 

This article look at the importance of these soft skills, how they can be used and the benefits they can bring.

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The Value of the Procurement Function: Series 1 - How We Make a Real Impact

The procurement function plays a significant role in delivering overarching organisational success and its value is being increasingly recognised across the global market place. This article highlights why procurement is such an important business asset.

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The Value of the Procurement Function: Series 2 - Generating Efficiencies through Framework Agreements

In the first article of the ‘Value of the Procurement Function’ series we outlined the significant role of procurement and how we can contribute to overall business success. This second article in the series outlines how this impact can be maximised by generating efficiencies through Framework Agreements.

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Making Savings and Addressing Strategic Challenges through Frameworks

Those in the driving seat of procurement decision making often consider the use of a Framework Agreement as a best value an efficient route to market.  This article drills down into the detail of these benefits.  We will explore how accessing Frameworks created by procurement service providers can save time and money whilst simultaneously addressing the strategic issues procurement professionals face.  his article look at the importance of these soft skills, how they can be used and the benefits they can bring.

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Public Procurement: How to Maximise Value for Money During Economic Uncertainty

Date:                    6 March 2018

Location:             London

Time:                    08.30-13.30


Event Summary:

It’s a tough time to work in public procurement. As the uncertainty of Brexit looms, procurement teams remain under pressure to achieve value for money - whilst managing already stretched budgets.

So how can teams ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck - securing greater efficiency savings plus wider social outcomes?

This event will inform practitioners how to maximise outcomes from public procurement exercises focusing on:

  • Preparing for the uncertainty of Brexit; understanding the risk it poses to public procurement and its wider impact
  • How to achieve increased value for money including via a framework approach covering:  
    • Securing cost certainty, cost avoidance and efficiency savings
    • The challenges of keeping materials and labour costs down
    • Evaluating the wider impact of spend decisions
    • Social value generation
    • Advantages and outcomes of effective supply relationship management
    • The benefits of managing contractor performance
    • Monitoring the financial stability of your supply chain


For further information on Brexit please click here 

About Fusion21

About Fusion21

Procurement for the Property, Construction and Built Environment:

As a national procurement organisation and social enterprise our mission is simple. We want to help you – and our 350+ members – to make a real impact in the public and social sectors; whether that’s realising bottom-line savings on the procurement of goods and services for property, construction and the built environment, or supporting the incredible work you’re doing in your local communities.

Our procurement frameworks are quality checked for compliant and socially responsible public procurement – and the suppliers we appoint can demonstrate exceptional value for money in terms of cost, quality and social value. As you’d expect, all our frameworks are OJEU compliant and renewed on average every four years.

We’re committed to providing flexible, uncomplicated choices that make real commercial sense – and every pound spent through our frameworks helps to make a difference at a local level, through our community regeneration services detailed below.

Click here to view our available frameworks and find out who our members are within the education, blue light, social housing, local authority and health sectors.

Community Regeneration Services:

We also have a range of community regeneration services which provide practical support to help make an impact locally.

Whether it’s generating social value in procurement or in the planning system; offering industry accredited construction training to inmates in prison and additional support upon release; or providing social value consultancy – we will work in partnership with you, delivering projects that make a real and lasting impact.

No matter what form your social value project takes, or what community challenge you’re aiming to overcome, we’re likely to have the experience to support you. Find out more about our Community Regeneration Services.

Award Winning

Since our inception in 2002 we have:

  • Delivered £147 million savings through the procurement process
  • Created more than 3,700 jobs
  • Generated more than £63 million in community impact

At the CIPS Supply Management Awards 2016 we were awarded the title of ‘Best Contribution to the Reputation of Procurement’ – recognising our ability to enable social value through the procurement process and support the growth, stabilisation and development of communities.

In this same year we were delighted to win the ‘Driving Value for Money’ category at the Cabinet Office Social Value Awards.

You can check out the full list of awards we’ve won.

We’ve only provided a snapshot of our services above, for more detail and information about Fusion21 visit our website: www.fusion21.co.uk

Call us on: 0845 308 2321 or 0151 481 3000 or email: info@fusion21.co.uk

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