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Permanent and Temporary Labour Recruitment Services

HAYSA high cost, and increasingly complex category, people may be your organisation’s biggest asset, but procurement of the right skills can be one of the biggest headaches. As CIPS knowledge partner for recruitment services we will equip you with the tools and insight to access better talent, faster and more cost-effectively, whilst reducing risk.

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Recruitment services

At an estimated worth of $921 billion (Staffing Industry Analysts, Workforce Solutions Ecosystem: 2016 Update) the staffing industry is a big category, which when properly managed can offer huge cost efficiencies.

However, there are many different models and tools available in what is fast becoming an increasingly complex area of spend. This section, supported by workforce management specialists, Hays Talent Solutions, will help you decide which model is for you, equipping you with the tools and insight to better benchmark and manage your supply chain.

Benchmark your HR Services Procurement



How to decide which recruitment solution is for you
With so many different options for staffing your business how do you decide which model you need? This whitepaper outlines all the options available and how you decide which recruitment model is right for you, covering the questions you need to ask yourself, the different options you could consider and what types of situations each lends itself to.

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The Recruitment market - facts and figures
With skills shortages, increasingly complex regulation and constantinnovation and tech disruption the recruitment market is an ever evolving industry. This white paper provides you with an overview of the category.

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RPO, MSP and other recruitment TLA's explained
The recruitment world is littered with acronyms, to help you decode the terminology we explain in plain English the different concepts and models

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Recruitment outsourcing, the benefits and how to know if it's right your organisation
Growing at 3x the rate of the traditional staffing market organisations are increasingly turning to outsourced recruitment to drive cost and process efficiencies and reduce their risks. This white paper outlines the benefits and how to tell if outsourcing is for you.

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Best Practice Benchmarking

Best Practice Benchmarking

Do you know how well your procurement processes are aligned to your strategic objectives? Or how your approach compares against best practice and your peers?

We’re speaking directly to a multitude of HR Services and Indirect Procurement teams to identify trends in best practice capability within HR Services Procurement with our best practice benchmarking survey.

Take part in the survey

This will used to produce a series of recommendations, case studies and articles to support the HR services procurement community, as well as a personal benchmark report that shows how your responses compare against your objectives and to those of your peers.

The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and your responses are completely anonymous.

About Hays Talent Solutions

About Hays Talent Solutions

Hays Talent Solutions help you staff your world of work, intelligently. The outsourced resourcing division of Hays plc, we provide RPO, MSP and SOW services to help you access the talent you need better, faster and more cost effectively.

Born problem solvers...

Faced with a growing temporary workforce and rising staffing costs in 1994 a leading global bank turned to their key staffing supplier, Hays, for advice on how to increase the visibility and control of their hiring. A pure play specialist recruiter at the time we worked with the client to develop the best response, one company and system to manage all their recruitment for them. Following a review of all the solutions available the client awarded us with our first managed service. We installed people, process and technology to deliver the service and the rest as they say is history...

Founded based on our market expertise, technical excellence, partnership approach and ability to understand client needs, the thing we never forget – our success comes from helping you achieve yours. That’s why we like to start every relationship before the RFI or RFP, before the decision of what service is required, helping you explore the best possible solution for your needs.

But don’t just take out word for it

"Moving from over 20 suppliers to one MSP has been a positive step. For me the most important part of the operation is the Hays onsite team and manager who have worked tirelessly both within TfL and within the wider Hays organisation to ensure we have the capability we need to deliver roles from IT Enterprise Architects to Project Managers, Marketing specialists and Occupational Health Physicians, across the business, no mean feat for the third largest workforce in London. We prefer to work in partnership with Hays as we do with our other suppliers, not on a rigid contractual basis and the Hays team here have made this possible and successful.

The KPI’s have performed exceptionally well as the onsite recruiters have built up trust with line managers. We review KPI’s and SLA’s every 4 weeks and take a step back every quarter. The offsite team know the roles and requirements and are part of the TfL team. During a difficult time of reduced funding from central government and headcount controls, we have made significant savings through scale and streamlining our processes. Hays have designed new assessment processes to add value to our call centre workers and add value with our SAP and Oracle self-billing payroll.

The contract is performing well and I can recommend the Hays MSP service."

Clive Mills Chartered MCIPD, Recruitment Manager, Non Permanent Labour, Transport for London


Hays Talent Solutions, Poland (HTS) has served as the master recruitment and executive search partner for all IAG (International Airlines Group) GBS international operations, since 2014. Headquartered in Karków, Poland, IAG GBS providers Group procurement leadership for all IAG subsidiaries, including global airlines, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling.

Regardless of deadline or complexity, Hays have demonstrated unparalleled commitment, efficiency and fast paced delivery, to spearhead the recruitment of more than 250 candidates across all corners of the IAG GBS business.

On behalf of IAG GBS, I wish to highly recommend the services of HTS.
Raghbir S. Patter, Chief Operating Offiver, IAG GBS

Peak MatrixHackaton

CIPS Guidance

CIPS Guidance

CIPS, in partnership with Adecco Group, conducted a survey to understand its member’s readiness for the forthcoming changes to rules affecting taxation of travel and subsistence for temporary workers. 

Results from the survey reveal 66% of procurement professionals were unaware about the tax rule changes and their implications for organisations.

The survey revealed that 72% of respondents ‘didn’t know’ or were ‘unsure’ the changes may involve making their organisations liable on any PAYE debt resulting from the failure to properly apply the new rules.

And, in terms of readiness - Only 1 in 3 believed they had the in-house capability to ensure compliance with the new rules. Just 9% had consulted with their employment agency suppliers. And, only 1 in 5 was confident about their employment agencies readiness.


Download the full findings of the survey:

Download survey report


Download the Executive Summary of employment tax changes affecting the recruitment sector from April 2016:

Download executive summary


For more information and guidance please visit - www.adeccogroupuk.co.uk.


White Papers

Career Development

Career Development

As a leading global specialist, Hays has a wealth of experience in the procurement and supply chain sector to support you every step of the way through your career.  

This area provides information and guidance from starting a career in procurement and supply chain management through to identifying career paths and plans for your future career.