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Sustainable Procurement

Find out the economic, social and environmental impact of your organisation’s purchasing and supply function with CIPS Sustainable Procurement Review - your independent audit of ‘green’ procurement.

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Procuring sustainably helps organisations to eliminate waste, become more energy efficient and save money. Designed around the Flexible Framework and BS 8903, achieving a CIPS Sustainable Procurement Review award can help to enhance your organisation’s image and act as a motivator for both staff and suppliers.


CIPS Sustainable Procurement Review has two parts:

  • Part 1: Practices review
  • Part 2: Expenditure review


 Each part consists of:

  • An online questionnaire
  • An audited review (which takes two days)


Your organisation will be audited by one of our dedicated and qualified sustainability auditors. During the audit you will have access to an online self-assessment tool to guide you through each stage and help you to keep track of your results.  Passing the review will result in globally recognised sustainability awards from the world’s leading procurement institute to either a gold, silver or bronze level.  Each award is valid for 18 months.

Achieving one of these awards demonstrates that your procurement and supply function meets the UK and European legislation and aspirations on sustainability.


Sustainable Procurement Review is designed to promote and create efficiencies in the procurement part of your organisation and can reduce the cost of wastage in other areas of your business. In addition to saving money, this can have a positive impact on the environment and a positive impact on customers who are increasingly demanding products and services that have been produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


Reputation: Enhances reputational status by providing an award to organisations that are operating their procurement function in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way.  It provides evidence of sustainable procurement for shareholders, customers and staff

Efficiency: Reduces the economic, social and environmental impact of procurement and supply, eliminating waste and reducing cost

Competitiveness: Recognises your organisation's achievement and provides evidence that your procurement function is adhering to best practice in sustainable procurement, helping you to achieve a competitive edge

Continuous improvement: A comprehensive report is provided with recommendations for continuous improvement


Global organisations that have enjoyed the benefits of the CIPS Sustainable Procurement Review include:

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For more information on how the CIPS Sustainable Procurement Review can help you to benchmark your performance, eliminate waste and become more energy efficient, contact us on corporate.solutions@cips.org or call us.